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Slovakian wine – Unique in look and taste!

Travel the Tokaj Wine Route, which offers fascinating views of vineyards. Be enthralled by the atmosphere of Tokaj tuff cellars carved into volcanic rock. Cellars in the villages of Mala Trna, Velka Trna and Vinicky are the most popular where you can enjoy local food specialties whilst tasting delicious wine.

The Tokaj Wine Region conceals many mysteries. Every village along the route has a rich history. Secrets from the past are revealed through cultural, historical monuments and artefacts of significant historical interest.

Within the Tokaj region amongst the vineyards of Mala Trna an interesting 12 metre viewing tower, constructed in 2015 can be seen. Shaped like a wine barrel, it’s observation platform offers views over the region. The wine route was founded for visitors to discover hideaways, points of interest, tradition and customs along with the vine growing, technology involved in the processing and production of Tokaj wines.

An interesting, unforgettable way of viewing the Tokaj wine region is a boat cruise on the Bodrog River. The cruise commencing from the village of Vinicky is a full day, with the boat cruising over the border into Hungary to visit the towns of Sarospatak and Tokaj. The cruise includes a narrated guide of the attractions seen from the river plus the tasting of Tokaj wines and cuisine.