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Welcome to Likoni Ferry


Likoni Ferry is an attraction  of Mombasa. It is an ocean channel that connects North Coast (Mombasa County) to South Coast (Kwale County), providing a facility for people and vehicles to cross the channel. It also plays an important role in attraction of both local and international tourists who visit Mombasa. Likoni Ferry started its operation in the year  1937, where it helped people in the coastal region to cross from Mombasa island and the main suburb of Likoni using the ferry services.

It’s normally free for pedestrians while the other transport sectors are paid in order to cross. This includes trucks, buses and small cars.


On the shore of Mombasa Mama Ngina Drive is located. It is a modern public facility, which was named after the first President’s Jomo Kenyatta‘s wife. It’s a tourist attraction for both locals and tourists was refurbished in 2019, and represents more about coastal culture and its traditions. It is a free place for people to meet and relax during weekend or holidays near its beautiful waterfront. Moreover, it is a great spot for children, where they can enjoy a funfair.

Mama Ngina Drive also has food courts, where you will have an opportunity to try the local cuisine. If you would like to combine some active sports with a beach holiday while visiting the Drive, you will be pleased to hear that it has sports and golf clubs in possession. Golf is a very popular sport in Kenya and is played by wealthy people in most cases and you are likely to meet some of them if you visit the club. On the upper side of it the private Mombasa State House is located, which was built in 1879 as the Government House and is owned by the president. However, all local and international tourists are welcomed to enjoy the beautiful scenes.


Credit: Salome Ogutu