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Welcome to Homa Bay County


Homa Bay is a county in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Homa Bay. It is an historic town, which was started by colonist in 1925 and was named Homa Bay because it is overlooking the Hill know as Huma Bay Hills in Karachuonyo district.

Tourism around Homa Bay

The location has some of the tourism destinations that are definitely worth seeing. One of these is Lake Victoria. It is situated in the heart of Africa lying principally in Tanzania and Uganda and bordering Kenya. It attracts the lovers of safari and other activities like trips to local villages. For thrill-seekers, there is a great chance to observe hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat. If you would like to discover the other types of wildlife present you can include birdwatching and fishing to your plan.

Following the shores of the Lake Victoria  you encounter a number of towns and islands, each adding to your experience within Homa Bay county. One of them is Mbita, which has a high potential in agriculture and where fishing is the main economic activity. This allows the higher level of urbanization and therefore improves the road connections with the rest of the country. There is a causeway that links Mbita to the Rusinga Island that amazes the lucky few who get here with clean beaches and ideal conditions for swimming, fishing and boating. Some of the local hotels organize these kind of activities on request. If you plan to travel in the winter time you may have the chance to visit the Annual Festival, which is held on the last Thursday and Friday before Christmas and enjoy local art, music, sports and cuisine.

Heading to the eastern part of the Lake Victoria you encounter the Mfangano Island. Among the activities common to the area is the exploration of the islands unique rock art consisting of geometrical paintings located in Mawanga cave and Kwitone shelter and believed to be made by Twa hunter-gatherers. In case the historical aspects of the county are within your interest that is a good opportunity for a physical experience of it.

For those who are tired of the bustle of the city, one of the beach resorts near Kisumu city can become a good option for relaxation. For example, one of the most professionally organized ones is the Ciala resort. They offer a well appointed accommodation with wellness centres, pools and all-day-dining restaurant serving traditional cuisine. What is more, they provide personalized custom-made excursions and itineraries.