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Wine of Slovakia — Tokaj 2021

Gastronomy & Culture Slovakian wine – Unique in look and taste! Travel the Tokaj Wine Route, which offers fascinating views of vineyards. Be enthralled by the atmosphere of Tokaj tuff cellars carved into volcanic rock. Cellars in the villages of Mala Trna, Velka Trna and Vinicky are the most popular where you can enjoy local food specialties […]

Wineries & Vineyards. Moldova, Armenia, Georgia

Gastronomy & Culture Wineries & vineyards – Moldova, Armenia & Georgia Countries less mentioned when it comes to wine are Moldova, Armenia and Georgia. Wine producing countries that have a history of winemaking for over 5,000 years back to the Neolithic Period. Fragments of clay wine vessels were found in excavations in Georgia. This indicates […]